Meeting Calendar

The Regina Philatelic Club meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, September – May.

There are a few exceptions, however.  Because we meet in a public school, we can’t have meetings when the school is closed for holidays.

Meeting Location

Meetings are held in the staff room at Campus Regina Public School (formerly Cochrane High School), 1069 14th Avenue East in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The West Parking Lot is the best place to park.  The side door to the school will be open.  The staff room is the third door on the right.

General Meeting Format

The meeting room is open by 7:30PM on meeting nights.  As members arrive, there is time to visit, look at any interesting items brought by the members, browse through the club library, view auction lots and grab a cup of tea.

The meeting officially starts at 8PM.  The first meeting of the month is denoted as a ‘Business Meeting.’  There will be a brief section at the start of the meeting where we discuss club business.  Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion.  We try to keep the Business Meeting section to a minimum; typically 10 minutes or so.

After the formal business, there’s an opportunity to introduce new members, discuss any interesting news or share a story.  Then it’s time for the scheduled event of the meeting, typically a presentation delivered by one of the members.

After the presentation, there’s usually a brief auction before we adjourn for the evening around 9:30PM.

Here are the details of the meetings for the 2019/20 year.

2019/20 Stamp Club Meetings

4 September 2019

Business Meeting. Outline of program for 2019/2020.

18 September 2019

Presentation by Donald MacDougall.

2 October 2019

Business Meeting. Round-Table Presentation: Stamps and the Letter “U”.

16 October 2019

Royal Philatelic Society of Canada Sales Circuit Books.

6 November 2019

Business Meeting.   QUIZ NIGHT by Jeanette Benny.

20 November 2019

Presentation by Ian Yeates:  Estate Planning.

4 December 2019

Business Meeting. Presentation by Charlie Harper.

11 December 2019

Christmas Party.

15 January 2020

Presentation by Julius Hofstatter.

5 February 2020

Business meeting. Round Table Presentation: Stamps and the Letter “V”.

4 March 2020

Business Meeting. Trading Night.

18 March 2020 meeting cancelled due to COVID – 19

Royal Philatelic Society of Canada Sales Circuit Books.

1 April 2020 meeting cancelled due to covid – 19

Business Meeting.  Presentation by Mike Cleary: The Island of Montserrat.

6 May 2020 meeting cancelled due to covid – 19

Business Meeting. Nomination and Election of Officers for 2020/2021.

21 May 2020 meeting cancelled due to covid – 19


3 June 2020 cancelled due to covid – 19

Year End Banquet.