About the Regina Philatelic Club

The Regina Philatelic Club was founded in 1910 and was one of the first in Canada to support the Royal Philatelic Society.  At present we have 40 members.  To mark our Centenary in 2010 the club issued its own commemorative stamps.

After more than a century, we are still the social hub for stamp collectors in Regina, Saskatchewan.  We provide a meeting place for local collectors to gather to visit, buy and sell stamps and learn more about the world through their hobby.


In a time of email, tweets and Facebook updates, is stamp collecting still relevant?  Yes!  While the number of stamps used on regular mail is shrinking, postage stamps are still being issued by countries around the world.

Stamps are tiny works of art, inspired by the history and culture of the issuing nation.  They have been, and remain, a beautiful and interesting window into the cultures of other lands.  Postage stamps offer tangible lessons in both the printer’s craft and the fluidity of nations and national borders over time.


Philately refers to the study of postage stamps and postal history.  The term was introduced by a French collector in the 1860’s, back in the very early days of the hobby.

Philately means “an attraction or affinity to” things that are “exempt from duties or taxes.”  Huh?

These days, many people think of buying stamps as paying a tax to the postal service.  But the ‘exempt’ part of philately is in terms of the receiver of a letter, not the sender.

Before there were postage stamps, the person receiving a letter had to pay for delivery, not the sender.   And they had to pay a lot.  Stamps made sending letters really cheap (only a penny!) and paying the responsibility of the sender.  So, “no tax” to receive a letter anymore!


A century ago, when our club was formed, “philately” was serious business, requiring a big word to differentiate from mere “stamp collectors.”  But times have changed.   The only time you’ll see ‘philatelic’ around here is in the club name.  Stamp collectors, cover collectors, stamp savers and the like are all welcome at our club.

Come to a meeting and see for yourself!

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